Welcome to the cudi of Medica, the student organization of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the KU Leuven. Here you find all the necessary course material en much more. (bio)medical materials like labcoats, stethoscopes, ..., can be ordered through our renewed webshop.

The bookstore is currently closed.

Opening Hours

Friday (22/9)
10:00—11:00: 1ste bach gnk: A-I
11:00—12:00: 1ste bach gnk: J-S
12:00—13:00: 1ste bach gnk: T-Z
16:00—17:00: 1ste bach bmw: A-L
17:00—18:00: 1ste bach bmw: M-Z
Monday (25/9)
13:00—14:30: 1e master gnk A-L
14:30—16:00: 1e master gnk M-Z
18:00—20:00: Masters biomedische wetenschappen
Tuesday (26/9)
9:00—10:30: 3e bach gnk A-I
10:30—12:00: 3e bach gnk J-S
17:00—18:00: 3e bach gnk T-Z
18:00—19:30: 3e Bach bmw
Wednesday (27/9)
10:00—11:30: 2e Bach bmw A-L
11:30—13:00: 2e Bach bmw M-Z
14:00—16:00: 2e Bach gnk A-L
16:00—18:00: 2e Bach gnk M-Z
18:00—19:30: 2e master gnk
Thursday (28/9)
11:30—13:00: 1e Bach bmw
14:00—16:00: 1e Bach gnk
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