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Medica vzw values the protection of personal information of the visitors of our website and her students in particular. We therefore do our utmost to protect this information and to be in accordance with the relevant legislation.

For question about the processing of your personal information, you may address Medica vzw:

Medica vzw t.a.v. Medica Cursusdienst
Brusselsestraat 246
3000 Leuven

To view your information, and if necessary to correct it, you can always sign in on the Medica-cudi-website. If you don't have a login or experience problems, you may address us at the coordinates listed above.

If you wish, you can always have your personal information removed from our database. When you do this, all fields in our database that can identify you, will be emptied. If you do not, Medica keeps these up until the organization is dissolved.

Processed data

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You can modify or remove this information free of charge at any moment.


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